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In August 2018, the belgian Stated started locking up children in a closed center again, simply because of their migratory status.

In April 2019, following the appeal lodged by 15 associations, the Council of State suspended the Royal Decree authorising the detention of undocument families and their children. But if detention is not possible under the current conditions, it is still possible if the State complies with the amendments imposed by the Council of State.

In a short time, other migrant children may be taken from their schools, neighbourhoods and friends and put behind bars.

Detention of children violates their fundamental rights and can cause irreparable damage to their well-being and development. It is unacceptable that in Belgium, in 2019, children are exposed to the trauma's that are caused by detention. Furthermore, alternatives exist.

Whatever their migratory status, migrant families and their children must be accomodated, supported and assisted, with respect for their rights and dignity. Children's well-being must always be a priority.

The battle continues to completely forbid the detention of children for reasons related to their migratory status.

In order to protect children from detention, we need your help. 
Together, we urge our government to foraske detention of children, and to enshrine in law a prohibition on child immigration detention.

Sign our petition, talk about it, and share it on social media. Because YOU DON’T LOCK UP A CHILD. PERIOD.

A campaign by

Mineurs en exil

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Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen